We have some fantastic par 3s at Prestwick Country Club.  Each one has its own unique look and brings it own different challenges to golfers.  All of the par 3s can offer birdies but they can certainly bring the dreaded “other” to the scorecard.  So we are going to give some tips on how to play each of them.

The first par 3 on the course is 5th hole.  With tees ranging from 108 yards for the ladies all the way to 195 yards from the tips for the men this hole is a challenge.  The green is guarded front and left by a small stream that looks bigger from the tee box.  The right hand side has bunkers short and long as well as two large mounds to contend with.  There is no bailout area here.  The putting surface is one of the trickiest on the course.  A huge slop runs down most of the middle of the green sloping severely from right down to the left.  Depending where the pin is, this is a very tough tee shot.  Make sure to pull the right club and try to hit the correct level of the green or a 3 putt is very possible.  Par is a very good score here.

The long 8th hole is up next.  At 136 yards or the ladies and as much as 246 yards for the men this hole can be very tough from the tee.  The upside is that the putting surface is quite large and relatively flat.  It does slope slightly from back to front but considering the long irons or higher that will need to be hit into the green the slight slope actually helps.  Bunkers front on the left and right await to eat up short tee shots.  Make sure to take enough club and don’t be shy about going too far.  Chances are you won’t.  Get a par and move on.

On the back side we have some fun par 3s to play.  The signature par 3 on the course is the 13th hole.  This shorter hole provides a beautiful view of a slightly elevated green across the lake.  Yes, the tee shot is all carry over water for the men.  Tees ranging from 128 to 152 yards give us a short to mid-iron to hit into the green.  Make sure to take enough club to carry that water, but don’t get overzealous because a couple bunkers are just off the backside of the green and it is NOT fun to play from there.  The green has a severe back to front slope that will affect not just the tee shot but the putt as well.  A good solid swing will give us a shot at birdie.  A bad swing will give us….well we all know what that gives us.

The 16th hole is the last of the par 3s we will see at Prestwick.  A downhill shot to a large, flat green from an elevated tee box allows us to see all of the green and where the pin is located with no problem at all.   There is a creek running left of the green and should not come into play at all, but somehow it seems to catch more golf balls than is should.  Right of the green is a runoff area that collects shots that are avoiding the water a little too much.  With tees from 115 yards (ladies) to 195 yards from the back tees the downhill takes some yards off the shot.  Be mindful of pin placement on this large green.  Pick the right club and go pin seeking.  A birdie is a real possibility with a solid tee shot and we should expect to make at least par.

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